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9 Tips on Becoming a Wedding Photographer

Christmas Edition

It’s a trend and we know it:

Many of tomorrow’s great wedding photographers will find their first camera under this year’s Christmas tree.

While many established photographers complain that beginners are ruining the quality of the service, I decided to share a small list of personal advice with anyone, willing to quit their day job in pursuit of the ultimate dream – becoming the next great wedding photographer.

I use these tips every day myself to sustain not just my business, but also my passion as a photographer.

  1. Before you become a wedding photographer, become a photographer. Your camera is just a tool, figure out how it works. Press the shutter and see what happens. Try to understand why it happens. Take notes. Adjust and repeat. Photography is really simple as long as you don’t allow your camera to take any decisions for you.
  2. Find your own style. Copying others a.k.a. fake it till you make it is a dead-end concept. Skip the inspirational blogs. To find true inspiration you have to look inside yourself. Ask yourself what is it you would like to create? What should your work say when it speaks for itself? Does your work make others feel better?
  3. Listen with your eyes. See what happens and react to it. Use your feet – move around. Use your hands – change things. Use your voice – a great deal of good photography is the ability to have a conversation with your subject. Make them feel comfortable, let them know they’re doing great. Help them if they don’t.
  4. Surround yourself with people you can look up to. Forget your camera buddies you meet for breakfast every weekend. There is enough average around us. Look for people who have already achieved something in their lives. People, successful at what they do for many years. Learn their stories. Connect with them. Subscribe to their YouTube channels, follow them on Instagram.
  5. Shoot every day. Look at your photos and ask yourself if you’re happy. What would you improve next time? Then go out and shoot again. Repeat.
  6. Edit your photos, design your albums, write your captions, grow your business – learn to do as much as possible yourself. It’s tempting to outsource the editing of your photos or the design of your albums so you have more time to build your brand but that’s just a lame excuse for being lazy. Put in the work.
  7. Stay focused and be patient. You will make mistakes and that’s ok as long as you see them as opportunities to learn and improve.
  8. Be kind and don’t take anything personal. Photographers are a very sensitive and emotional species. If someone doesn’t like your work – it’s them, not you. Let go and enjoy the journey, regardless of the destination.
  9. Be yourself. There’s enough of everyone. What the world needs is more of you.

These tips should help you get started. Just print and hang it next to your bed. If you’re not into photography, share it with a friend who is. Or with their mom, so she can add it to the camera present box they will find under the Christmas tree.

Thank you for reading!